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Hello!!!  This is a quick sale for all the letters that I have in stock!!!  Whew!!!!!  Time to refresh the inventory!!!!  I have a LOT of letters sitting here in my office....let's get these moving!

Each bow or clip listed will show the LETTER that i have in stock via the drop down option (if you do NOT see an "A", no need to ask me privately, I simply do not have that right at this very moment, you may still go to the bow or clip section and order that letter as needed...but it will not be discounted)...i may have MORE than one....if you change your quantity to "3" B's and your total (in your cart) is ZERO, that means you ordered more than I have in stock. Reduce it to 2, then 1, etc.
PLEASE type in the text area if you need this bow or clip for the RIGHT Side or LEFT side of her head (remember, you do not want this to be upside down if she always wears her bows or clips on a certain side)....if this is for a ponytail or you simply do not care, then type no biggee.
ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am not sure when this sale will I can not predict how quickly everything will sell out.  Good Luck on finding what you need and thank you for all of your support!  
- Libby

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