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- Felt Hair Clips

Each alligator clippie is made to hold on tight.
Each clippie comes with strategically placed VELCRO perfect for infants too!
To purchase a pair of clips, change quanitity to "2" etc.

 Evie - Brown Rhinestone
$5.95Out of Stock
 FELT CLIP - Apple (Green)
$3.95 $2.00Out of Stock
FELT CLIP - Cookie Monster
$4.95Out of Stock
FELT CLIP - LadyBug Stars
$5.95Out of Stock
Felt Dimensional FLOWERS - RED
$4.95Out of Stock
Morgan - Purple
$5.95Out of Stock
Mums Hair Clips - LIght Pink
$4.95 $2.00Out of Stock
Mums Hair Clips - Pretty Blue
$4.95 $2.00Out of Stock
Mums Hair Clips - Purple
$4.95Out of Stock
Sweet Snaps - Colorful Fish
$7.95 $5.00Out of Stock
Sweet Snaps - LadyBug
$7.95 $5.00Out of Stock
Sweet Snaps - the Hungry Caterpillar
$7.95 $5.00Out of Stock

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